whose work do i like?

I have a clear preference for illustration over fine art

I don’t have the mind of a fine artist

I don’t care WHY a painting was done, where the artist was coming from, nor what the message is that they are trying to convey,

I am a practical person, what makes me tick, when looking at art is HOW they achieved the technique

I like aesthetically pleasing works, technical challenges that inspire me to create something similar

I love Turner skies, so lush and voluptuous so grrrrrrrrrrr


Rockwell i love too, my work has been likened to his, more than once

his illustrations remind me of happy memories of learning to read (J H Wingfield illustrations)

vargas, i like for the similar reasons…

J H Wingfield

oh and at this point i have to add Tamara de Lempicka


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