random examples of my own work

pencil on writing paper 1984

sketched for my BNC, before the college had computers

I recommend “Drawing Fashion” by Bill Thames, it’s the only suitable book they had in our library back then but it is fantastic to learn from.

intimate designs

These designs are from 2003. I cut the patterns for them and produced this illustration in 2010 in Adobe Illustrator to illustrate the kind of work I’d been doing in the past.

The textile fabrics are repeats done in illustrator.

wraparound placement print

Entry into a Threadless competition – sponsored by (red) on the theme of transformation

The first things that came into my head were the fairy tale and transgender, so I decided to combine the two.

diffusion range

Ready to wear range diffused from couture range project for BSc (Hons) International Clothing Technology and Design

I diffused the Jean Paul Gaultier Couture Range into a ready to wear collection, designing the “sample fabrics” in Illustrator, as a very large-scale all over print.

experiments in pattern repeats

For this example I have designed a simple logo for my cv in illustrator, then taken it and repeated it in various ways to produce different patterns – suitable for the inside of an envelope, the rear of a business card/correspondence paper etc – I kept the logo constant this stage – no changes of scale, colour or design – and was quite amazed at the variations I could achieve just by varying the pattern repeat.

freehand machine embroidery

4 coloured threads on a domestic sewing machine, done by hand, designed from fresh flowers


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