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burslem school of arts 1984-1986

i’ve just been talking to julie dring – remember her?

i’ve worked with julie gee too

i’d love to hear from anyone else who was in our class

so i thought i’d tag the hell out of this little post and see if anyone pops up!

remember when they got the computer? – i was dead scared of it – love ’em now!

one computer for the whole college

wonder if any of out lot really excelled and is earning pots of money now?


about me

what do you want to know about me?

well, this blog was set up solely for the purpose of applying for a master’s degree, maybe it’ll develop into something more? maybe it’ll bring me some pennies eventually

I’ve made things ever since i can remember and drawn even longer…

I love colour, pattern, textures, i get excited looking at wallpaper books and cuz i’m deaf i guess this is my version of music, different moods, different rhythms, different vibes… favourite colours are greek blue, turquoise, lime, olive, khaki and all reds

i seem to have two favourite ‘moods’ – the very feminine, floral, vintage pastels and then the monotone side with tactile fabrics – silk, rubber and leather either way i love translucent fabrics and illustrating them in 2d and 3d – but not too keen on sewing chiffon – especially bias cut… oooh what a nightmare doing bias cut full length dressing gown hems… bring on the sample machinists…   …which reminds me – i am not a dressmaker – i might have made all my own clothes from the age of 13 and all those of my daughter until she was 9, but now labour is so cheap abroad, i can’t beat store prices or quality – it’d probably cost me more in petrol doing the run around than you’d be prepared to pay!

if you want to see more of my stuff i am available on facebook, blurb, deviantart etc and google will bring up some of my other stuff – but be careful you don’t open anything with “dawn hocknell deviant” in it – it’s a virus

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