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t bra

Picture 3


digitising manual pattern

this pattern was given to me to be digitised – it took about 4-5 hours not including problems with the scanner!

ready to be printed on one sheet on the A0 printer/plotter

trousers A0

layplans done in illustrator CS3


shorts layplan 150cm+ scaled down

EMMA’S COAT LINING LAYPLANemma's coat LINING LAYPLANEMMA’S COAT OUTER LAYPLAN – click to see bigger and betterlayplan

Protected: pattern cutting and grading with illustrator CS3

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3d flattening optitex

technology utilising revolutionary, unreleased technology, a brother computerised embroidery machine and over 30,000 stitches!


Protected: baby wear pattern cut

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headwear flats

dawn's hatDAWNS 5P black hat

Picture 11 ImageImageImageImageImageImage

fetish grading NSFW

i graded these in 2012

the designer emailed me the scanned patterns,

i digitised and graded them in illustrator 3 using linear and radial grading techniques.

parts of the grade can be seen on:

575941_405121309545660_398799628_n tumblr_m7nqxbQgs11qka2jco1_500 483191_405121352878989_440528447_n 319427_405121382878986_156219306_n

almeida-lingerie-bra-15 almeida-lingerie-bra-58 almeida-lingerie-knickers-21 almeida-lingerie-knickers-49-1 almeida-lingerie-knickers-53 Picture_6 almeida-lingerie-bra-33almeida-lingerie-bra-47 almeida-lingerie-bra-62_1 almeida-lingerie-knickers-49 304655_410697792321345_2031106663_n 523660_442049709186153_549078924_n 550777_428659993858458_716543520_n Picture 6 tumblr_mhr814FjLV1qka2jco1_500 tumblr_mht9azX3ii1qka2jco1_500 tumblr_mhwqzuyDxk1qka2jco1_500



TEANNA’S SHORTS AND TOP GRADESteena's topshorts grade

i’ve been doing some grading of bras and knickers for a start up company

for obvious reasons these samples do not make up a pattern

each sample is from a different pattern

basic technical packs and specification charts